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3 06, 2018

How To Make The Best Best Offers On eBay

2018-06-03T20:02:55+00:00June 3rd, 2018|

Why do eBay sellers include a “Best Offer” option on their Buy-It-Now listings, anyway? It’s because they’re open to a lower price in exchange for a quicker sale. Otherwise, they'd just wait for the asking price. Perhaps you're looking for a specific bargain, perhaps you're a reseller looking to profit. Either way, the stream of Best Offer listings (and therefore, opportunities) is endless. So, here are a few suggestions for making succesful Best Offers on eBay. They’re based on experience. The most effective Best Offers are based on speed and [...]

3 06, 2018

How To Build Great Seller Feedback On eBay

2018-06-03T17:19:00+00:00June 3rd, 2018|

If you're new eBay seller just starting out, building up a good feedback record is important. It's great for your own confidence, of course, but it's mainly about the buyers. Few buyers feel as confident when buying an item from a seller with 1 or 2 feedback points as they do from the seller with thousands of points and the shooting star. Good feedback doesn't come automatically, though. As eBay has developed, many buyers seem to forget that there's an independent seller on the other end. They might feel they [...]

23 05, 2018

How To See Feedback For Specific Items On eBay

2018-06-03T17:19:59+00:00May 23rd, 2018|

Fact: eBay's hugely competitive, global marketplace offers an enormous selection of great value products in every imaginable category. Problem: Not all of these products are from well-known brands, so information on item quality is often thin. eBay's catalogue is limited, and not all items have product reviews. Solution: binEye Feedback Searcher leverages the power of seller feedback to help you see other buyer's opinions on specific items on eBay! Valuable, product-related insights otherwise buried in the seller's feedback page are brought forward to help inform your purchase. Start with your [...]