>>Introducing A New Search Tool From Bineye – January 2017

Introducing A New Search Tool From Bineye – January 2017

A New eBay Search Tool on binEye.com

Happy New Year, All!

This week, we’re glad to be expanding our offering in cutting edge eBay search tools with a second interface – the binEye Feedback Checker. Until now, binEye featured a single search tool to help you grab newly listed Buy-It-Now items well under market value.

Shopping on eBay – The Informed Way

As a shopping destination, eBay offers among the best variety and value of products online. You can find great deals on all manner of brand-new items from make-up to power tools, and the community often leaves valuable information on the product they’ve received in their seller feedback. The problem, though, is that this feedback can be nigh-on impossible to navigate when it comes to high-volume sellers. How do you find specific feedback on one product out of thousands from a particular seller? As far as item specific information goes, the more feedback that has been left, the less useful it becomes.

Using eBay Feedback Checker

The binEye Feedback Checker is a search interface designed to put this information at the forefront of your shopping experience, to help you make the most informed purchase possible. Enter your search term as you would on eBay, select an item, and any recent feedback relating to that specific product will be displayed on the right hand side. If item-specific feedback can’t be found, we’ll show you general feedback from that seller instead. If it all looks good, you go straight to the page for that item in a button click with more confidence in your purchase.

BinEye Buy-It-Now Catcher

To accommodate the launch of the Feedback Checker extension, we’ve re-arranged the binEye homepage as a portal to take you to the tool you want to use, and named our existing search interface the Buy-It-Now Catcher. If it’s been a while since you first used the site, it’s worth taking another look, as we’ve introduced new features and interface tweaks based on user feedback in the last year. Most recently, we’ve updated the interface to show which items have a “Best Offer” option – a much-requested update to help you get those offers in early.

Staying In Touch

We’d love your feedback on our Feedback Tool! Social media links are all available on our homepage.

Once again, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2017.

David & The binEye Team

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