>>Site Updates & News – January 2016

Site Updates & News – January 2016

January is a big month for grabbing underpriced Buy-It-Now bargains on eBay as casual sellers look to raise quick cash after Christmas spending, as well as to sell unwanted gifts.

This said, it’s about time we shared the latest site updates with you all, again based on user feedback. Make sure to clear your browser cache to see the new features right away.

  • Filtering by item condition

This has been the most requested feature in recent feedback. eBay’s item condition tags vary from one category to another, so we came up with a simple implementation that will help you to find the type of items you’re looking for without narrowing down the results too much. The filter setting is simply:

  • New Items
  • Not New Items
  • All Items

For example, selecting “Not New Items” can help to filter out the big retail outlets from your keyword or category search. It should work on every category and can be found in the advanced search options dropdown on the main search page.

Some other improvements:

  • Return key to search fix

This bug has been resolved, and you can once again use the return key to search if you’re using a keyword.

  • Sold items price check fix

We found that the sold items price check was not always working first time, and required a refresh to show up items properly. This has been fixed.

  • HTTPS warning fix

The thumbnail images were loading over HTTP, resulting in a secure connection warning in some browsers. This has been fixed, and the results feed is now fully HTTPS.

  • Site optimizations

We optimized the home page to load faster, this will particularly make a difference on mobile devices using cellular connections.

We are now working on a further round of improvements, for example around the newly found item notifications functionality, and will update again when they are live.

New users are welcome to sign up now at https://www.bineye.com/

Thanks and we wish you a happy, prosperous and profitable New Year.

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