>>Site Updates & News – November 2015

Site Updates & News – November 2015

Site Updates

As per the continued feedback of our users, we’ve made some improvements to the site recently and want to share them with you.

  • Added a “Sold Listings” price check function, alongside the live listings check.

Previously, the price check button would use the title of a newly found listing to perform a search of current listings ordered by lowest price first, in order to help you find an entry price for undercut. As per your suggestions, this price check function has been expanded with an additional button, to search for sold listings.

We’ve set the sold listings search order to highest price first – in order to help you find your maximum potential sale value for an item. This order wouldn’t be appropriate for the live listing search, as it would display listings that will likely never sell. Of course, the difference here is that they have actually sold at this price. We found that other search orders for sold listings (especially lowest first) distorted the perceived value for the items, as they would show up previous ridiculously low-priced listings – the very listings that binEye is designed to help you find first..!

  • Minimum Price Bug

One helpful user found a site bug relating to setting a maximum price without setting a minimum price. This bug has been fixed.

  • New Homepage

We’ve also updated the homepage design with new content. Nothing for you guys to get excited about – but we like it!


Other News

  • Hosting Provided by SiteGround

Our fast, responsive hosting is provided by SiteGround, whose instant technical support and rock-solid, scalable hosting platform keep binEye working for our users around the clock. binEye is growing into an increasingly demanding web site and has been hosted with SiteGround since day one. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a premium web hosting provider. If you’re looking for a quality web host, and you’d like to support binEye, you can sign up to SiteGround using our banner link to the right of this post.


We’re currently working on the next round of site improvements, so stay tuned for the next update!


Thanks for now,

– David

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