>>Server Upgrade and Open Signup!

Server Upgrade and Open Signup!

“Good news, everyone!”.

We’ve geared up our hosting package from a shared account to a virtual server with guaranteed resources, and now have much more capacity for active users. As a bonus, the site should feel more responsive, but the main thing is that we’re open signup. As such, you can now sign up for and log in to binEye directly from the homepage at https://bineye.com


For users that are already active, that means no more hidden link to remember. (Tell your friends!)

We’re continuing to spread the word about binEye to potential users that we’re sure will benefit from the site the most, so if you’re reading this because you recently heard from us, welcome and we hope you find plenty of great buying opportunities going forward.

As usual if you have any questions, feedback or just want to chat, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and by E-Mail from the homepage.

Thanks for now,


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