>>An early introduction to binEye

An early introduction to binEye

What is binEye, and who is it for?

Few online resellers seem to know it, but those who do will tell you that the very best deals to be had online are found on the search pages of the newest Buy-It-Now listings of eBay. Every day of the week, many items and bundles listed via eBay’s Buy-it-Now format are offered significantly below market value by individuals and businesses looking for a quick sale on their items, and these listings are sold and ended in minutes, not hours or days. binEye is a live, customized eBay search interface with unique features designed specifically for resellers who purchase items in this way. The binEye team, as online resellers themselves, conceived and built binEye out of a personal need for such an interface after switching exclusively to this sourcing method for their niche. Put simply, it’s a search tool built by resellers, for resellers.

How does binEye help me to find such items?

  • Automatic Buy-It-Now Refresh

binEye periodically searches eBay for the very newest Buy It Now listings matching your chosen category or keywords, and the results interface is updated in real time.

  • Browser Based, Mobile Friendy

While we recommend the desktop or laptop experience for quick buying, binEye is a responsive web interface, compatible with PCs, tablets and phones. So you can keep up with buying or price comparisons in your spare time away from your desk, or on the go.

  • Instant New Item Notifications

Keep binEye running in a tab while you get on with your selling and other online activities, and pop-up alerts will display in your browser as soon as new items are found in your specified search.

  • Order By Time Found, Not Time Listed

It can often take a while for newly listed items to show up on eBay’s search results, so when searching by time listed on eBay, you’re likely to be missing a lot of items that pop in further down the list. binEye orders items by time found, not time listed, catching many more results and making sure you see them.

  • One-Click Item Price Lookup

binEye features a one-click, Buy-it-Now, Lowest Price First search shortcut using the title of each listing, so if the title is appropriate, you can check items against market value in a flash before making your purchase. This invaluable functionality will also help you learn the value of items in your niche as you go along.

  • Helpful, Streamlined Interface

binEye has a number of interface features to help you keep track of fast-moving searches. Using the time found column, you can identify exactly which items have most recently arrived on the search results, and with the item highlighting feature, which items you have already viewed while scrolling down. You can also pause the incoming stream of item listings during busy periods to catch up, and jump straight to the top of the page in one click.

  • Previous Search Retention

binEye simply keeps and presents a list of your most recent searches, so you can access your most frequently used search parameters in one click. No need for complex bookmarks or saved searches.

  • Easy To Use Category List

Selecting an eBay category to search within couldn’t be easier with binEye. Either enter the category ID manually or select it from our pre-loaded category list, complete with subcategories.

How can I be successful when using binEye?

Speaking from over three years of experience in sourcing items in this way, we have the following tips for using binEye and for this business in general:

  • You can (and often should) leave the keyword blank

In our experience, this is almost always the best method for general reselling. You’re more likely to find deals by observing a particular subcategory in its entirety. Make your search too specific (i.e. just one product or brand in particular), and you could be missing out on buying opportunities.

  • Learn your niche

The most valuable thing you can do to help yourself is to learn the value of key items in your chosen niche. Whether it’s board games or women’s shoes, you should aim to build up an internal knowledge base of which popular items to look out for and which types of items are worth the most. By using the inbuilt “eBay search” button embedded into every item listing, binEye can greatly help you with this essential learning process that never really ends.

  • Invest time in your sourcing

Checking the site for a few minutes each day is unlikely to yield spectacular results, although you might get lucky. Remember that the best deals and therefore the money to be made can strike at any moment of the day, particularly at peak times from casual sellers such as evenings and weekends. Setting aside some good quiet time to watch and observe the market as it develops each day will greatly improve your chance of success. We think that binEye will offer a terrific edge over the competition, but there’s no substitute to active participation in this business.

  • Decide your “buy criteria” in advance

You might opt for a high volume, low margin buying approach, for example if you think you can sell an item for 50% more than the asking price minus postage and fees. Making small amounts of money on lots of resales is a good way to ensure a steady stream of income, as opportunities like this will present themselves quite frequently. Alternatively, you might establish the “waiting game” approach, in which you only buy if you are sure that the item or items can be resold for triple the asking price. Such listings DO happen on eBay every day, the trick is to hold your nerve while waiting and while you’re making the buy! One large buy like this could make your whole evening, or even your week as a reseller.

One last tip – always ensure that you’re logged into eBay and that you have your PayPal account linked before you begin your search. You will need to be quick off the mark for the very best deals, and every second could count.

Thanks for reading, good luck with your buying, and don’t hesitate to get in touch via Facebook or feedback {at} bineye {dot} com for any questions, comments and suggestions (…or even just for a chat!).

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