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Our Buy-It-Now Catcher gives you a live-action view of newly listed items on eBay. Enjoy a unique perspective of the eBay marketplace, discover more items and never miss the best bargains.

Watch New Items Appear

See the newest eBay listings appear in front of your eyes in real time – no need to refresh the page!
Watch a whole category at once. For more specific searches, turn on notifications to be alerted to their appearance.

Watch new items appear in real time!
Check sold prices in an instant

Compare To Other Listings

Check the value of a listing against others in a single click.
You can check both sold and active listings.
See what an item has sold for and what other sellers are asking for the item right now.

Keep Searching Anywhere

All platforms, all devices. No software installations.
Log in from a desktop or laptop for the best view.
Log in from a tablet or phone to keep searching on the go.

Winners know that the very best deals on eBay are found among the newly listed Buy-It-Now items. Here’s why they use binEye:

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